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Entrepreneurial Skill

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Course Outlines

What modern day beekeeping entails
How to identify the best bee farming method
Different species of bees
The difference between the traditional and the modern beekeeping
How to attract bees into the bee hive
How to construct your own Bee house
How to start making money from the bee farming under 4 Months

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Course Outlines
  • Secrets to YouTube Entrepreneurship.
  • Digital Freelancing for home based income.
  • Digital Writing and Publishing for Amazon and other Online author-preneurship Platforms.
  • Bloggers secret to Online money.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • The Earning Virtual Digital Teachers .The E-commerce wealth Creation Secrets.
  • Website Designing, Promotion & Maintenance for Sustainable income.
  • Coding And AI (Artificial intelligence) for the Digital Entrepreneurs.
  • Becoming a Digital and Social Media Marketing Expert/Consultant.
  • The Earning Visual (Online) Consultants.
  • Social media Influencers Secrets to wealth Creation.
  • Visual-to- Physical Organic Farming for Livelihood and Income.
  • Product Branding and Packaging for both Local and Global Marketing
  • The Earning Online Entrepreneurs Secrets.
  • Digital , Green and Social Innovators Secrets .
  • Introduction to Stock Market/Trading.
  • The blue- Print on Green/Organic Farming and production.
  • Best Paying Forex CPA Programs for Entrepreneurs.
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology, Crypto Market/Trading and many more.

1 review for Entrepreneurial Skill

  1. admin

    Great course. The last training was very impactful. Wont miss this for anything

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