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Mushroom Farming

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Course Outlines

What modern day mushroom farming entails
How to identify a poisonous mushroom
Different species of mushroom
The Miraculous Medicinal Mushroom (MMM)
How to be an Health Agent without attending any medical school
How to produce your own Compost bags
How to construct your own mushroom house
For more details
Visit Apostle Amos Foundation for more details 

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Economic Importance And Nutritional Benefits Of Mushroom Farming:

  • Employment Benefits
  • Culinary Benefits
  • High demand
  • Employment opportunities
  • Reduced import costs
  • Diversification
  • Sustainability
  • The Curative Power (Ability to cure almost all diseases including Cancer, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS)
  • Little or no Financial capital requires
  • It doesn’t require big land
  • Very easy to produce
  • Available Market
  • Highly Nutritional
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Materials and tools worth are available after the training
  • Franchise into MAPLANDI GROUP worth $100
  • The course is worth $100 but has been subsidized to $30 only
  • Special Certificate affiliated with the UN and other organizations
  • Opportunity to network with other industrial leaders and access to travel globally effortlessly, etc.


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Maplandi Group is a Marketing Solutions and Vision empowerment company with a genuine interest to help solve the ignorance and poverty problems of Africa.

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