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Welcome to Maplandi Group. A marketing Solutions and Vision Empowerment company with a genuine interest to help solve the poverty and ignorance problems of Africa.


We are set to make full  impact on the following core areas  by the year 2032

  • Real Estate 
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Health Care
  • Political Leadership

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All you need to know about Maplandi Group

Maplandi Group Limited is a Marketing Solution and Vision Empowerment Company with genuine interest to help solve the Ignorance and Poverty Problems of Africa. We intend to do this through training and consultancy services.

In order to achieve our aims and objectives, we have set up a technical and vocational institution called, INSTITUT DE MAPLANDI to enable all Africans to access and acquire first class and practical skill based training on all fields of endeavour.

We also offer marketing and business consultancy services at little or no cost to both our stakeholders and non stakeholders across the globe.

Maplandi Group is a Marketing Solutions and Vision empowerment company with a genuine interest to help solve the ignorance and poverty problems of Africa.

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